The Last Dragon Kingdom


The Last dragon Kingdom is a visual meditation on the nature of change and the Buddhist precept of impermanence.  The award winning short film takes the viewer on a visual journey through the ancient Kingdom of Bhutan, a Himalayan Buddhist country experiencing dramatic changes in their society.

This film is a metaphor for the rest of us in the Global Village. How can we embrace change consciously and learn from this brave little country the ways to balance our individual needs and desires with global needs and desires. Can we realize the interconnectedness of all things as we navigate this ever changing, constantly evolving world?  Hopefully this film might encourage all of us to ask the same important question facing Bhutan: What is the Middle Way and how do we achieve it?

The award winning short film The Last Dragon Kingdom had a stellar run on the international film festival circuit and provided a multi-platform channel to raise awareness by sharing the story of this unique Buddhist Kingdom with an avid world audience.


  • The Last Dragon Kingdom