The Art and Craft of Hollywood Filmmaking


In December of 2012 hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication, Aine Carey gave the first ever, ten day professional filmmaking workshop entitled “The Art and Craft of Hollywood Filmmaking”.

Attended by over forty of the film industry’s key players, the workshop represents the foundation of the Get Karma Projects cross-cultural educational exchange, educating Bhutanese filmmakers in the art and craft of Hollywood filmmaking and learning more about the Bhutanese film industry and culture.

The highlight of the workshop was a visit from the current Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay. At the time of the workshop, Lyonpo was Bhutan’s first democratic Opposition Leader. Lyonpo courageously participated in a demonstration of the Meisner Acting Technique and gave an inspiring talk to the class about the importance of constructive critique.

At the end of the workshop participant Tshering Wangyal (known as the “Father of Bhutanese Cinema”) presented a beautiful vision for the Bhutanese Film Industry and praised Jamyang Wangchucks’ Directorial Debut film Gyalsey Legacy of a Prince. Tshering’s vision struck my heart and planted the seed for what would become the Bhutan Culture Company.

“All in all, I want to start with this – this is a small world that we are living in and I always wanted an atmosphere where the filmmakers actually unite and we work together.  Unfortunately, because everyone has his or her ego, clashes happen, but the competition is good actually. For example, I’ve seen Jamyang’s movie ‘Gyalsey’ and it inspired me, it made me feel that I might want to do more, that’s good.  What I am trying to say is that I think it is time that us filmmakers unite together, think together and stand as one so the industry goes in the right direction. I think that’s what we need. And a forum like this helps.  People get to meet, because usually we are in our own world and we hardly get to meet each other. There is no, for example, Press Union Club.  The journalists had it, but we don’t have a place like this. If we had such a forum/physical place we could all sit together and talk together and sort out the differences. If there was something like this workshop and a place for it to continue, I think it would help. A forum like this would actually bring people together.  During this workshop we got to hear things from different people, their perspective, share experiences – we got to know thyself and eventually we can save the cat!”   – Tshering Wangyal Comments during the workshop