Gyalsey Legacy of a Prince


Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince embodies the positive cultural values of the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, making this film a wonderful ambassador for the Nation.

The essence of the Buddhist theme of the “Bodhisattva Vow” is artfully woven into this modern love story. For a Bodhisattva, the eradication of one’s own suffering is joined with the desire to aid in the eradication of all others’ suffering as well. Destiny brought Jamyang and Sangay together, and as they fall in love they learn the true meaning of this vow.

Three years after its original release in 2012, Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince is back on the film scene, reborn through collaboration with the Bhutan Culture Company, with a fine tuned storyline, professional post production, an innovative integrated multi platform marketing campaign, strategic partnerships and a Red Carpet Gala Premier which was covered by all of Bhutans Media outlets.

The films director, Jamyang Wangchuk was a participant in the Art and Craft of Hollywood Filmmaking workshop given by Aine Carey in Thimphu and his debut film; Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince caught her attention. Perhaps due to his early experience starring opposite Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet, Jamyangs debut film, Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince stood out from the other Bhutanese films in an evolutionary jump and it earned the attention and respect of film critics, the film fraternity, Aine Carey and the post production artists in Hollywood.

First Ever Bhutan/Hollywood Co-Production

Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince is the first ever Bhutan/Hollywood collaboration. The Film was shot entirely on location in Bhutan with an all Bhutanese cast and crew and the postproduction was done entirely in Hollywood.

First Ever Red Carpet Premier, Gala Event and Televised Special.

On December 12, 2015 the re-edited Co-Production of Gyalsey Legacy of A
premiered to audiences nationwide thanks to support from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS). For the first time ever over 200 VIP guests, including Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, one of Bhutan’s biggest box office movie stars and the first “Miss Bhutan” Tsokey Tsomo, internationally recognized filmmaker Detchen Rodher, internationally recognized fashion designer Chimmi Choden, British-Honorary-Consul Michael Rutland, FDI Pioneer Daniel Spitzer and Chamber of Commerce President Aum Phub Zam. They were among a star studded array of luminaries and dignitaries that walked the red carpet in their finest festival attire. The film was shown at an invite only Premier at City Cinema in Thimphu, while the rest of the Nation watched simultaneously from the comfort of their homes as BBS aired the film on every T.V. in the Kingdom. The VIP screening was immediately followed by the first ever Red Carpet Film Premier Gala at the Le Meridian Hotel in Thimphu, made possible by generous contributions from, Ministry of Information and Communication, Department of Information and Media, The Bhutan Broadcasting Service, The Yarkey Group, The Gangtey Palace Hotel, Viva City, India Bhutan Foundation, Solly Baba Productions, Kuenzang Zhenphen,Central Cafe, Kunsel, Happy Chips, House of Chimi, Bhutan Air, Druk Hotel, Druk Air, Business Bhutan, Radio Valley, The Bhutan Times, Bhutan Street Fashion and Yewong Magazine.

Sangye Choiphel, favorite BBS host of the hit travel series Nazhoen Express, documented the Premier and interviewed Jamyang, Aine, and the cast of Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince and the Hollywood post production artists for a one hour BBS Special Program which was aired for the Nation following the Premier. Due to the positive response, Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince was aired for the Nation six times as a gift from the filmmakers and the BBS.

Gyalsey Legacy of A Prince is seeking international distribution.


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